Emily Moodie – Apprentice System Engineer

Emily Moodie – Apprentice System Engineer

Today I am interviewing Emily Moodie who works as an apprentice System Engineer for Cisco (Cisco is a huge multinational company and the world leader in networking). Emily chose her job in IT because she believes it is a great industry in which to work as it is forever changing and adapting to the market.

I asked Emily to tell me about her job:

Currently I am an apprentice so I am taking part in many placements. I have been shadowing System Engineers that work in the field with their customers, attending meetings with them and trying to work out what their customers’ needs and requirements are. Currently I am working as a Virtual System Engineer and reviewing cases which have many questions surrounding Cisco technologies.

What Emily likes most about her job is doing something different nearly every day. She says “no day is the same and there is still a lot to be learnt”.

Like most of my interviewees Emily hasn’t always wanted to work in IT, she had originally planned to work in the Police Force! Although ICT was her favourite subject at school! She has two GCSEs in IT and is Network+ Certified and is working towards achieving A+ Certification. These are industry-recognised qualifications in Cisco technologies.

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