Kimikawa De Castro – Chief Executive Director

Kimikawa De Castro – Chief Executive Director

Kimikawa De CastroToday I would like to share with you my interview with Kimikawa De Castro, who is Chief Executive Director at K4 Innovations Ltd. I am starting to see a pattern forming because, like many of my other interviewees, Kimikawa didn’t originally plan to go into a career in IT. She originally started working as a bank clerk when she finished high school; she was encouraged into this career by her mother as at that time banks were know to develop their employees through further training. While working as a bank clerk she often finished all of her work for the day by lunchtime and therefore walked around the office seeing if anybody needed help. Luckily at the time a new IBM system was being installed and as the data processing department were really busy she was drafted in to help. One day a consultant noticed her natural affinity to read code and suggested she pursue a career in this field.

Kimikawa explained what she does in her current role and what she likes best about her job:

‘I operate a niche social enterprise project management consultancy. This means I am essentially responsible for the vision and direction of the company  in  regards to people, profit and operations. We focus our energy on being the best at what we do and I take great pleasure in using our skills and expertise to help individuals, businesses and communities achieve their dreams and goals. Additionally we work very hard to keep a balanced ratio of men to women especially in areas where they traditionally are not seen, for example women in engineering and men in HR & Marketing.

In terms of qualifications Kimikawa has a degree in Information Systems with Decision Support and a Professional Certification in Project Management.

Finally, Kimikawa shared her thoughts on ‘girl power’ in the IT industry:

If the government won’t do it then let us start a campaign to educate women on their power as individuals and a collective.

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