Jeanine Long – Head of Operations

Jeanine Long – Head of Operations

Jeanine LongAfter a quiet few weeks, today I am interviewing Jeanine Long who is head of operations at Thomson Reuters; in her role she manages a global team of program and project managers, working with senior stakeholders. Her job is all about making sure they are delivering business system projects that align to the companies strategies on time and on budget. Jeanine says the best part of her job is “Coordinating a global team and working with groups across the world to make our employee daily experience better.”

Like many of the ladies interviewed on this site Jeanine hasn’t always wanted to work in IT, she originally had no idea what she wanted to do:

Originally  I was interested in art and painting, that evolved into working in a sign shop training disabled adults in sign making for a hospital on CAD routers and computerised sign-making equipment.  I went back for my masters and discovered project management and made a big career jump into it.

Jeanine has a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management. Lastly, I asked her to share some words of encouragement for girls reading this:

The biggest thing that held me back (and still does) is my own fear of failure.  “I don’t think I can…”, “I’m not qualified enough to do…” – I would have never thought I’d be in the position I am now and all those little jobs added up to the skills that got me where I am today.  Networking with senior women has helped me tremendously by meeting role models and making me feel valued.  I was once told to “build your professional posse” to help with fears and doubts.  They have helped me through the hard times and mistakes that were the best learning experiences of my life.  You can do it!


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